Top tips for pressure washing your decking.

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March 14, 2017
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Top tips for pressure washing your decking.

Pressure washing your decking

Slippery decking?
Decking is a great addition to any outdoor living space. But left unmaintained can become very slippery and dangerous.
Pressure washing decking on the highest setting with a rotating nozzle, is a great way to clean off all the grime, dirt and also rip your decking apart.

That’s right, its important when jet washing any wooden surface, to keep the pressure on a medium setting and also, make sure you have a fan nozzle. This reduces the ripping action that an oscillating nozzles, carries. Providing a smooth clean.

Image of pressure washing decking


Pressure washing alone Is not always enough when cleaning decking.

Wood has a tendency to absorb the stain into the grain and requires the use of chemicals to remove.

We at grime reapers cleaning use a wide variety of chemicals during many of our cleaning Projects. You should always contact your decking supplier before using any products on your decking.


So in summary our top’ pressure washing decking’ tips

  • Use a jet washer with a range of power settings
  • Start on the lowest setting possible and gradually increase as needed
  • Take care to work as gently as possible to avoid any trace marks from the pressure washer.
  • Work in long sweeps to avoid tell tale traces of having stopped and started.
  • When it comes to cleaning corners, make sure you work from the corner outwards to minimise splash-back.
  • Always wear appropriate pep especially glasses and Protective footwear.


Once you have finished pressure washing your deck, it is important to allow it to dry thoroughly before applying a sealant or coating.