Moss on my Roof: And the problems it causes

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March 9, 2017
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March 17, 2017
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Moss on my Roof: And the problems it causes


Is there Moss on my roof ?  It’s probably something that you don’t notice, or maybe you have seen and not really thought to much about?
That fluffy green living organism on top of your roof that likes to roll off onto your freshly jet washed patio, or worse, drop into your newly installed gutters, causing blockages and the need to call out your local gutter cleaning expert.
Besides looking really unsightly and being a great spot for birds to gather (which can be very annoying, trust me), there is also the bigger problems that you can’t actually see underneath the ‘ Moss on my roof ‘.

What is the moss on my roof ?

Being a living organism with roots and the ability to grow, Moss along with his mate Algae will settle into your roof tiles, more worryingly they will settle on your ridge tiles, pushing out the mortar from the joints as they grow.

Problems start when the moss, absorbs rain water and where there was once a secure, cemented joint, there is now a void allowing that water under your roof tiles and onto your waterproof membrane (if it is indeed waterproof), sitting there soaking into your roofing batten and gradually rotting them, compromising your roofs structural integrity and causing movement of tiles, where more rain water will get at the inners of your roof and worse, in some cases, allowing tiles to slip from your roof and onto the ground below.
There are many companies out there who offer roof cleaning, be it pressure washing, chemical cleaning or the old scraper, brush and elbow grease, generally a professional company should offer a moss inhibitor chemical as an after treatment.

Having the moss removed from your roof, will allow your roof to be Inspected for damage. Using a company like Grime reapers cleaning ltd who Offer a free roof inspection with every clean. Also the skills to carry out any roof repairs required, means you save time and money as any minor work can usually be carried out on the same day.