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Our roof cleaning services Are second to none. Our service includes:

  • Roof inspection for any damage

  • Moss and algae removed

  • Added option of roof coating

  • Biocide Treatment

We will also thoroughly clean all fascia and guttering.

Roof cleaning really is our specialty and has been for years, we generally find that our price is half of that of our competitors. We also spray your roof after cleaning with a moss inhibiting chemical, which reduces regrowth, and we do this for Free.

Aside from getting rid of the moss, algae & lichens proper maintenance of your roof will increase its longevity. Having your roof last longer will save you money, which is protection of you home. We dispose of all mess.

Pressure washing a roof

There are companies out there that will advise against roof cleaning altogether. However its our years of experience in the trade that’s allowed us,

to confidently say that in the majority of cases, there are no adverse affects to roof cleaning/moss removal.

Swansea, Bridgend and Cardiff

In addition to covering the three main cities in south wales, we also cover the surrounding areas. we’re local, reliable and Friendly.

Unlike other jobs around the house, Roof cleaning really isn’t a diy job, due to the high risk of working at height. Moss, algae and lichen are a common cause of

these dirty and unsightly roofs. So its a job best left to a roof cleaning company. With the expertise to carry out the task safely and effectively.


Roof repairs

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