More than just a wash and brush up for your path cleaning is just one of those jobs that have to be done from time to time. During the warmer months, a quick brush will usually keep the path clear of dirt and debris, but your pathways can become a dangerous eyesore when the great Welsh weather takes a turn for the worst.

So what hazards are growing on your path now?

It is pretty commonplace to find growths such as algae, lichens, liverworts and moss growing on the hard surfaces of your paths. The biggest problem caused by these organisms is that they can make the surface extremely slippery and therefore dangerous to people and pets who use the path.
Slippery paths and steps covered in algae like growths, liverworts, lichens and moss are very hazardous. Winter is usually the time when algal, moss and liverwort growth is most prolific, but they can also start to build up during any time of the year that is wet or if the path is in shady or humid areas.

Only bad news for your path.

Lichens and moss can actually look rather attractive, often enhancing and offering a more mature look to the garden. This is particularly when they proliferate on stone and timber features. Quite often these growths do not harm the surfaces on which they grow, and are simply a natural part of your garden ecosystem.

What these growths look like on your path

These usually leave a green film or a rather powdery deposit on pathway paving, stonework and garden furniture. The dark green or blackish jelly growths that usually appear in the damper, cooler weather on paths and areas made from tarmac are incorrectly known as blue-green or gelatinous algae, but they are in fact cyanobacteria called Nostoc.

For areas such as paths, where growths are likely to generate a slip hazard or are contributing to the weathering of wooden structures, we would recommend calling us at Grime Reapers cleaning and we will be happy to help you keep your paths clean and safe to walk on.

Jet or high pressure washing your path

We use the latest technology in jet washers, which are also referred to as pressure washers and they will remove moss and algae very quickly. We always adhere to health and safety guidelines when using jet or pressure washers to clean your path, patio or driveway.